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Thursday23 March 2023


The business has set up its operational base at the airport due to its proximity to the offices of airlines and customs department which the business uses for its transactions on a day to day basis. The company also has operational branches offices in Tanzania and Uganda while using agency relationships for Pacific, America, Asia and the Rest of Africa.

The business has developed and continues to forge close relationships with key stakeholders who include the following:
1. Clients including Exporters and Importers.
2. Major Airlines flying to all parts of the globe.
3. Kenyan Government Bodies
4. Clearing and forwarding agents.
5. Inland Transport companies.

Currently, the top three clients for whom the business has offered services to are:
1. An institutional Importer and Exporter of Live Animals based in Thika.
2. A Large institutional Exporter based at Airport North Road
3. A Government/Police Wing based in Southern Sudan
4. A local NGO, specializing in Hospital Support services
5. A horticultural exporter

The business has employed the necessary communications that enables us to provide first class service to our clientele. With the trained work force, backed by the necessary tools we ensure excellent execution of services to our esteemed customers. Our offices are open 12 hours a day, Monday through Sunday and all our staff are available both on phone and email, at any time.
We have developed an online feedback program which has enabled us to interact freely with clients, and we have gained a lot from their feedback, giving us a platform for better service delivery.

Through our network of agents, we are able to offer online global cargo tracking system for both airfreight and sea freight consignments.