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Thursday23 March 2023


Eliga Freight Services is a Kenyan registered firm that endeavors to assist businesses access speedy, professional and affordable freight and logistical services. The strength of the business lies in its highly skilled and experienced personnel, its strategic locations at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Mombasa Port, Entebbe International Airport and a wide range of reliable and useful industry networks which includes airlines, border representation and cargo transport companies.

Eliga Freight Services Ltd is a medium sized company specializing in the freighting of Live Animals, Aircrafts Spares, Motor vehicles, Personal effects and Raw materials for companies with interests in the East African Region as well as a freight consolidator of all commodities across borders worldwide, through a network of agents. As a result of increased demand and business expansion, the business is diversifying into distribution, packaging and other value addition services.

The company’s mission statement is “To provide competitive services to and from all parts of the globe while offering tailor made solutions  to our customers, ensuring quality service, complying with the stringent freight regulations, which when combined with an experienced and friendly workforce makes all aspects of our clients’ logistical needs a great success“