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Wednesday31 May 2023


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Inbound Airfreight

All our services are guaranteed. We ensure clearance and delivery of all imports within 16 working hours.


Inbound Sea freight

We ensure delivery of your cargo to your premises from the Inland container Depot and Kilindini Harbor Port (Mombasa) within three working days.


Outbound Freight

Documentation of outbound deliveries and distribution is effectively handled to make sure they reach their various destinations safely and on time. We are among the few companies that provide door-to-door cargo service to all countries within our network should our clientele so request.



We undertake effective customs documentation for all goods in transit through Kenya to or from all countries to foreign destinations. We have in deposit the necessary customs security bond requirement for the above for easy transfers as we constantly endeavor to provide hassle free service to our customers.


Freight Consolidation

Eliga Freight Services co-ordinates cargo consolidation through our network of agents in the main cargo centers worldwide. If you want a good price and safety in exporting/shipping your cargo, Eliga Freight Services is the best choice. We will get you the best prices, thanks to our good relations with the carriers and terminal authorities.



We undertake specialized packing and warehousing of airfreight and sea freight, household removals, exports and interstate road carriage. Packing at owner's residence is optional; short term warehousing of up to 4 days is provided free of storage charges. We can always arrange long-term warehousing at a minimal cost.
Furthermore, organizations and individuals who enjoy Duty, Excise duty & VAT free status can have goods cleared through customs area under general bond facility while the necessary exemption letters are being approved through the relevant authorities at no extra cost. This is an open irresistible advantage that many firms would wisely exploit as it saves them colossal amounts of money in work stoppage and demurrage charges.


Specialized projects

Eliga Freight Services is more than a freight company. We do not just ship your products to the destination or market you want. What we can offer is freight handling with added value.

With our experience and know how in handling delicate cargo, we can help you to identify problems and avoid costly mistakes.


Transport/Flight Services

We offer transport services within the East African region, for different weight categories, ranging from loose cargo, containerized cargo (both 20’ and 40’) as well as light shipments.
Besides the company owning a fleet of light commercial vehicles, we have developed good working arrangements with heavy commercial transport providers and as such, are able to provide competitive rates for all kinds of cargo.